Firmware Upgrade

Please read complete directions before beginning HD Flow Pro firmware upgrade!
Before updating the Firmware on your HD Flow Pro Device:
ONE: Check to see if you already have the latest Firmware version on your HD Flow Pro Kit.
The latest Firmware version is 202.15

TWO: Using the HD Flow Pro Remote Control,
point at the IR window (just above the toggle button) of the Receiver and press the “INFO” button. (FIGURE A)
info button
Figure A

THREE: Pressing the info button, will trigger on-screen information to appear on the display device

FOUR: The firmware version will be displayed in
two locations. (FIGURE B)


firmware locationsFigure B


FIVE: If the firmware is listed as version 202.15, the firmware does not need to be updated

Note: If you are experiencing difficulties with this product, please contact Peerless-AV Customer Care at 800-865-2112 or

Firmware Installation Instructions


ONE: Download up-to-date firmware below.

Save As

TWO: Save the downloaded file to the root directory of a USB Drive

Plug In

THREE: Plug the USB Drive into the USB port of the receiver (Update should only be preformed when the transmitter and the receiver are functioning properly.)

Blinking LEDs

FOUR: When the LEDs are blinking, the receiver and transmitter are being updated. Upgrade process take about 5 minutes)

Blinking LEDs

FIVE: When update has been completed, the units will automatically reboot.

Plug In

SIX: After the reboot has been completed, remove the USB Drive.


  • Update should only be preformed when the transmitter and the receiver are functioning properly.
  • DO NOT disconnect the power during update. Units will cease to operate properly if power is disconnected during firmware upgrade.
  • During update, the units will not show progress on the screen.
  • ONLY remove the USB Drive after the units have completed the reboot cycle.



Download Firmware