HD Flow Shelf

It's never been easier to integrate an HD Flow Pro Kit than it is now with Peerless-AV's HD Flow Pro Wall Shelf (HDS-S). The shelf's unique combination of stylized features and highly functional design merge and deliver a low-profile, sleek, safe and ideally ventilated shelving solution for the HD Flow Pro product offering.



This stylish high-gloss black shelf easily integrates into any application and assists with a clean clutter-free installation via its cable management system that keeps A/V and power cables neatly organized and virtually unnoticeable.

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HDS-S Shelf

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Technical Information:

  • Supports HD Flow Pro Receiver/Transmitter unit
  • Provides ventilation outlets for ideal function of HD Flow Pro unit
  • Mounts to ½" or thicker drywall with included anchors for virtually limitless placement
  • High gloss black finish

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